Training Academy

The Genesis Training Academy will not be operational throughout 2014. This is an long term goal for Genesis Utilities. For more information, please contact our Genesis Training Academy Team.

Our mission is to promote and engage young people and women in particular in the Construction Industry. We also provide bespoke training courses for those men and women for whom English is not their first Language. Trainees enrolled on our program will benefit from placement opportunities through our construction division.

Why is this necessary?

  •   Stigma of construction being a male dominated domain
  •   Below average(compared to men) percentage of women:

    • Labourers
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Gas Engineers
    • Carpenter
    • Brick layers

Therefore, it is the aim of GenIsis to up skill all women who wish to enter into the Construction Industry and change lives within our community.


GenIsis aims to form positive and strategic working relationships with Local Councils, stakeholders and the Government to secure funding, premises, child care facilities, and placement incentives (wage) and apprenticeships for each registered individual.

Target Audience


Non -English Speakers of Other Languages/Construction Accreditation

GenIsisTraining Academy’s primary target audience are unemployed female youth and women who would like to ‘break-into’ the Construction Industry and be given the many options of employment opportunities within the Industry

Contact us for more information on our launch date or to register your interest.
We embrace diversity and recognise that there are young men and women who speak little or no English living within our communities who are skilled, trained and indeed qualified in construction yet cannot work due to their language barrier. GenIsis Training Academy aims to bridge this gap by offering Vocational Construction and language Courses taking into the considering the skills already attained of the individual, and working with educational awarding bodies to bespoke the necessary course criteria to enable the learner to:
  • Attain accreditation in 18 months (depending on chosen course) as opposed to 3 years
  • Work with ESOL qualified educators to achieve improved spoken and written English Basic Skills qualifications as well as a vocational qualification.

Job Opportunities & Placement

We are in a unique position to be able to provide placements and career opportunities in the community through GenIsis Construction Division. We aim to procure contracts with councils and stakeholders and ONLY sourcing employment from members of the communities within which we work. Our vision encompasses working alongside councils to reduce unemployment and engage a wider audience back into employment.

Contact us for more information on enrolment and course start dates.